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 « Oiler Sport Association (OSA) »  TUNISIA SOUR FOR OILERS
Liberia Basketball champions LPRC Oilers are having a torrid time in the North African nation of Tunisia where they are representing Liberia in the Federation of International Basketball Association (FIBA) Africa Championship.

The tournament which brings together Africa’s top basketball teams, have seen the Oil boys heavily beaten in all four matches played thus far.
In a telephone chat with Oilers Sports Association (OSA) president James Jappah who travelled with the team to Tunisia, specifically in the City of Sousse where the tournament is being held, the team lost its opening match on December 12 to Algerian side CS constatino Algers 64-84 points. A day later, they lost to the hosts Etoile Sportif du Sahel 42-91 points.
Ferro Viario Deira of Mozambique defeated the Oilers in game three on December 14 with a margin of 16 points as Mr. Jappah could not give the scores of both sides off head with Tali of Gabon on December 15 trouncing the Oilers 83-61 points on December 15 with the Oilers last match slated for December 17 where they will face Egyptian outfit Alexandria.
According to Mr. Jappah, the Oilers are using the tournament for exposure as they are going against professional basketball teams on the continent.
He also noted “the area is very cold which has added to the defeats”.
The OSA president then thanked OSA Chief Patron T. Nelson Williams, II and the entire Board of OSA for the numerous support.
He also thanked the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors of the LPRC and the entire workforce for always standing behind the team.
It can be recalled, a 23 man delegation comprising officials and players of the Oilers along with the Secretary General of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) departed Liberia to Tunisia via Morocco on a Royal Air Maroc flight.


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