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» Liberia's Oil Sector

  GASOLINE (PMS) - Retail
   US$ 3.57 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  GASOLINE (PMS) - Whole sale
   US$ 3.39 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  FUEL (AGO) - Retail
   US$ 3.63 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  FUEL (AGO) - Whole sale
   US$ 3.45 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Retail
   US$ 4.21 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Whole sale
   US$ 4.21 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)

 « Board of Directors »
Functions of the Board of Directors

The Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) is led by a Board of Directors that cuts across several professional backgrounds to include Engineering, Business, Politics and Oil Deport Management. 

Our Board of Directors' role is to act as a steward of shareholder value and confidence in the Company:

It oversees the conduct of the Company’s long-term strategy and day-to-day business. 

It ensures that processes and systems are in place to mitigate risk and guarantee transparency and ensure compliance with regulations; environmental, health and safety policies; financial practices and reporting requirements.




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