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Substainable Development  Training and Placement Opportunities  
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Liberia like all third world countries is confronted with a vicious circle of poverty created by the lack of education, good medication and an unreliable source of income for livelihood. These situations have deprived many communities with vital elements that every individual needs to live and develop harmoniously.
To combat these vices, the management of Liberia Petroleum Refining company with the approval of its Board of Directors decided to compliment the efforts of the Government of Liberia to expand its social investment and demonstrate its long-term commitment to sustainable national development by providing them with life changing aid that enables them build plans for the future both collectively and individually.
The LPRC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program acts to provide financial, material and technical supports for the management of projects belonging to communities.
The LPRC Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors to support communities & professionals involved in social development who carry out realistic projects with tangible and sustainable results benefitting underprivileged populations.
In allocating grants, the CSR aims to achieve the following objectives:

• Create a sustainable and measurable impact;
• develop self-sufficiency within the local populations;
• give momentum to local development at both individual and collective levels.
Area of Support:
The company’s CSR program supports projects focusing on four (4) core areas:
1. Education
2. Health
3. Agriculture
4. Community Development

We also embrace responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stalk holders, and all members of the public.

The following criteria aim to determine the eligibility of organizations applying for grants:

Evaluation cri
teria relative to the organization applying:

1. Professionalism of the organization
_Past experience : success in conducting similar project
_Fund Management : budget efficiency and transparency.
_Financial capacity : organization has to be viable
2. Reality and pragmatism
_ prove competence of the organization (knowledge of the locality, technical qualification, available local infrastructure and professionalism of partners).
_ Credibility of the organization in the opinion of the local authority and the beneficiary population.
_Methodology and calendar with detailed plan of actions.
3. Transparency
_ possibility for audit activities and financial and or material reports from a third party.
_possibility for field visit by LPRC charity committee.

Evaluation Criteria relative to the project

1. Correlation among the projects goal and the charity committee mission.
2. Fulfillment of a specific and realistic need clearly identified in the field.
3. Capacity to provide local populations concrete, measurable and long term benefit.
4. Cross approach of the project (Potential of multiple achievements in term of local development).
5. Outcome of the project: contributions of the project to increase local populations’ authority (Verses assistance).
Limitations and Exclusions:

The following are description of organizations and or projects that the LPRC CSR program does not support:
1. Individuals or individual families directly
2. Religions or Faith based projects, program  (ex. Construction of worship center)
3. Political organizations and events
4. For profit organizations
5. Organization  focusing an area outside Liberia
6. Third part fundraisers
7. Unregistered charities
8. Sports Sponsorship
9. Professional conventions, conferences or seminars
10. Request solely for travel, accommodation and/ meal expenses
11. Request solely for operating and / administrative expenses
12. Student leadership activities/ progams


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