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  GASOLINE (PMS) - Retail
   US$ 2.95 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  GASOLINE (PMS) - Whole sale
   US$ 2.77 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  FUEL (AGO) - Retail
   US$ 3.50 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  FUEL (AGO) - Whole sale
   US$ 3.32 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Retail
   US$ 4.21 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Whole sale
   US$ 4.21 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)

 « Latest News »  TRIPLE CHAMPIONS!
History has been made. it is an un precedent feat from an Oilers perspective as the ever-conquering Basketball squad of the Oilers Sports Association (OSA) has made it three in a row to become triple champions of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) National league.
It was all “gold and black” on Friday, August 9, at the SKD gymnasium in Paynesville when the Oilers steam rolled the Pythons of the National Port Authority (NPA) 59-51 points in the third of best out of five game series to enable them emerge as champions for the third time in a row, (2011, 12 and 13).
The Oilers family was vociferous as there was an elaborate celebration before the match with Managing Director T, Nelson Williams, II lifting everyone during the pre-victory celebration.
A live music band, P/A system and drummers were all on hand to make the party grand as the Oilers did the damage to the Pythons.
Prior to the match, Managing Director T. Nelson Williams, II told reporters “We are certain of victory. The oilers will siphon the snake and there will be no come back for our opponents (Pythons)”.

A confident MD Williams also noted that he was happy the Oilers with completely Liberian players were beating other teams with foreign players. “We have an International coach who has shown commitment in training our players, and we are on top of our game”, Mr. Williams noted.
The MD also stated “We are ready to go International to compete with clubs in Angola, Nigeria, Senegal, etc”.

The confidence and cheer from the Oilers family made life very difficult for the Pythons as the classy Peter Bimah, explosive Jetro Bing and the rest of the Oilers squad proved supremacy and continues to reign supreme in Liberia’s elite basketball.
Other key members of the Oilers family at the historic match included Finance Comptroller Elizabeth Matu Tubman, Marketing Manager Charles D. Sherman, II Management Information System (MIS) Manager John Momolu Dukuly among others.
It was a charged atmosphere with ecstatic oilers supporters singing in a spirited manner as the Oilers annihilated the Pythons for the third time in a row to emerge as triple champions.


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