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  GASOLINE (PMS) - Retail
   US$ 2.95 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  GASOLINE (PMS) - Whole sale
   US$ 2.77 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  FUEL (AGO) - Retail
   US$ 3.50 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  FUEL (AGO) - Whole sale
   US$ 3.32 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Retail
   US$ 4.21 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Whole sale
   US$ 4.21 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)

 « Latest News »  Our Gallant Firemen!
Our Gallant Firemen!Fire fighters of the LPRC have and continue to save lives and properties as they fight fire in various parts of the city of Monrovia With passion, enthusiasm and commitment.
With the major saying “Fire! Action! Injury to one, injury to all,” the gallant fire fighters of the refinery are certainingly a major help as they are always to the rescue of many.
On Wednesday, April 24, 2013, the gallant fire men from the home of the oilers as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) went to the rescue of the Fouani Brothers after the entity at the Jos- Hensen area down waterside, Central Monrovia.
Thirty brave men from the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) section fought the blazing fire for many hours. Blending with their colleagues from the Liberia National Fire Service and the National Port Authority, the LPRC fire men showed promise and dedication as they fought the fire to the admiration of many.
Though there were lives lost on the part of others, by the Grace of God, the LPRC fire men survived and though two of the “BRAVE 30”, Nyeah A. Tarpeh and Sayon Sarplah were entrapped, they were later rescued by their colleagues as they survived.
“It was a tough one, but by the Grace of God we managed to make it in fighting the fire. Our condolence to the bereaved institutions and families for the loss of those that died and pray that God give them solace” the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Section Assistant Manager, Benjiman Karnga said.
Indeed, we can proudly say to our gallant Fire Fighters, “Thank You for the good work. The bravery, gallantry, steadfastness and commitment in saving lives and properties are highly remarkable. It is our hope that you continue to be in good health by the Grace of God Almighty (the divine architect of our destiny) as you continue to fight fire and save lives”.
“FIRE! ACTION! INJURY TO ONE, INJURY TO ALL”, (Bravo to our Fire men!)
The BRAVE 30 Firemen Listing
1. Charles D. sherman, II
2. Benjamin Karnga
3. Robert Beer
4. Isaac D. Karmo
5. Kude C. Kollie
6. Sophie G. Kenneh
7. Emmaunel Kreku
8. Samuel Sawboe
9. Nyeah A. Tarpeh
10. Sayon Sarplah
11. Samuel S. Donald
12. Amos Y. Bartu
13. James B. Hallie
14. Joseph S. Gartoe
15. Samuel Thomas
16. Moses K. Sieh
17. Peter Nimely
18. Wortee Chea
19. Samuel Torbor
20. Daniel Smith
21. Titus Y. Baryougar
22. Fred Quiah
23. Jonathan C. Lewis
24. Christopher Harris
25. Eric Jebor
26. Ram S. Berry
27. Teah Dennis
28. Anthony Boakai
29. Bobby moore
30. George mason

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