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» Liberia's Oil Sector

  GASOLINE (PMS) - Retail
   US$ 3.70 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  GASOLINE (PMS) - Whole sale
   US$ 3.52 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  FUEL (AGO) - Retail
   US$ 3.95 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  FUEL (AGO) - Whole sale
   US$ 3.81 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Retail
   US$ 4.21 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Whole sale
   US$ 4.21 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)

 « Undefined »  Sumo Kupee Promises Continuity At LPRC
Professor Sumo Kupee the Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company has promised to pick up from where the outgoing head of the entity, T. Nelson Williams stopped in advancing the entity.
Speaking at a well attended  program graced by members of the Board of Directors and a cross section of high profile government officials and employees on Monday April 20, 2015 at the Product Storage Terminal on Bushrod Island in Monrovia, Professor Kupee assured staff of the corporation that he has come not to change anything but to build upon the achievements of his predecessor.
"Over the week end, I received a package from Mr. Williams containing the Act creating the LPRC, Worker Handbook and other documents. I will strengthen the five years plan and not change it " Professor Kupee said.
He challenged  the employees  to always do their best in performing their duties and avoid gossip. " To keep your job you must do your job and if you want to gossip, gossip me." He remarked. He assured  members of the senior management team of his fullest cooperation.
Speaking earlier, the outgoing Managing Director,  Mr. T. Nelson Williams recounted numerous achievements made by the entity including the construction of two  tanks that increased the storage capacity of the terminal by  6.2 million gallons of  mixed products,  the installation of security surveillance cameras to guide against theft  and other terroristic activities.
According to Mr. Williams, the company under his stewardship  also constructed two new pipe lines which promote simultaneous gasoline and diesel discharge and reduce vessels overstay at the  jetty and constructed a modern product testing laboratory for quality assurance.
In remark, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the corporation, Dr. Herman G. Browne acknowledged the change made by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf adding that the Liberian leader made no mistake in appointing Professor Kupee  because he is an  Economist who is able to do the job.

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