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» Liberia's Oil Sector

  GASOLINE (PMS) - Retail
   US$ 3.55 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  GASOLINE (PMS) - Whole sale
   US$ 3.51 US GL    GASOLINE (PMS)
  FUEL (AGO) - Retail
   US$ 3.70 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  FUEL (AGO) - Whole sale
   US$ 3.61 US GL    FUEL (AGO)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Retail
   US$ 3.95 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)
  KEROSENE (JET-A1) - Whole sale
   US$ 3.95 US GL    KEROSENE (JET-A1)

 « Health, Safety and Environment »  Health, Safety and Environment

Safety is good business. Everything we do relies upon the safety of our workforce and the communities around us. We care about the safe management of the environment and our country as a whole. We are committed to safely managing and delivering petroleum products throughout Liberia.

Our newly established Health and Safety Environment has become fully functional and is maintaining high safety standards while containing incidents and establishing standards of operations to mitigate unsafe activities on the company grounds.   

During 2014, the HSE Section has provided safety and protection in the areas of the PST Terminal, Fire Fighting and Equipment, Access Pass, Fire Engines and Vehicles, Company Environment and Occupational Health.  

HSE provided safety coverage to the Product Storage Terminal (PST) widely using the prevention method by enforcing vigorously all 55 health, and safety regulations, identifying hazard and conduction risk assessment, conducting road tanker and equipment inspections, and provided fire watch to all tasks performed.  There were no recordings of injury, no incidental death, no fire disaster, no equipment damage.  

HSE also performed the following in 2014:

• Implemented strict compliance of the wearing of PPE within work zones of the PST;
• Advised the use of nose masks and safety goggles during sand blasting of all new storage tanks;
• Conducted tankers inspection exercise;
• Procured safety supplies and equipment;
• Selected as member of the Mobilization Committee on Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA)   World Environment Day;
• Conducted risk assessments of the OSA Spot Canteen and the Laboratory for health and ISPS compliancy;
• Provided HSE monitoring of the Modernization of Tanks, bond walls, and jetty walkway;
• Provided safety coverage of the Company during EBOLA pandemic by implementing stringent measures for accessing Company premises;
• Environmental Officers attended routine Inter-Sectoral meeting at the EPA;
• Enforced 13 HSE Policies for regulation LPRC workplace.
• Quarantined the lead tank at the old oil refinery at Gardnerville;
• Attended 22 fire incidents in and around Monrovia;
• Participated in a two days workshop held at 24th Street, Corina Hotel on the establishment of Liberia’s National platform on Disaster Management and Climate Change.

 Training and Safety Operations

HSE has been constantly involved in all tanks operations in reducing risky activities in conjunction with the Operation Department. Some training, including Petroleum Deport Management were undertaken by staff during the year under review. We are also collaborating with the EPA’s Environmental Protection Team that is constantly updating us of environmental activities around the country.
Incident Reporting and Investigation
To encourage employees to report unsafe conditions and practices, our company has adopted a “No Blame” approach to responding to accidents and near misses. Incidents are documented and investigated. Recommendations are made to help prevent a reoccurrence and lessons learned shared throughout the Company. The “No Blame” approach has ensured that there is excellent two-way communication between employees and management on health and safety issues.
Environmental protection and conservation are a fundamental part of LPRC’s operations. We ensure that all new projects comply with the relevant standards and regulations. We also upgrade our existing facilities in compliance with the standards. LPRC’s waste management policy promotes minimization of impact to the environment. LPRC collaborates with local groups to promote environmental awareness and continuously re-evaluate its performance to ensure compliance.


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